Legacies of Airplanes and Companies

Years of hard work.  Long hours requiring persistent passion.  Finding ways around and through roadblocks and obstacles. On March 2, 2016, all of that effort was on the line.  Employees from years past traveled to witness the event.  They even wore their original uniforms.

What event brought these emotions out from these former employees?

The final flight of the first Boeing 727 airliner which flew for United Airlines for many years.  You may not be an aviation buff like I am, but you don’t have to be.  You can still wonder:

  • Why did people spend years restoring the aircraft
  • Why did pilots volunteer to fly it?
  • Why did former flight attendants wear their uniforms to honor the legacy of the plane and United Airlines?

I mean, United Airlines isn’t exactly known as the darling of the airline industry these days.  What brought out these emotions?  Would your employees do this some day?

Some insight into the answers to that question can be found in a quote from Captain Tim Powell, the pilot who flew the plane on its final flight (as quoted by AirlineReporter):

“The true soul and character of an airline is in its employees…. and the United employees showed their true colors this day.  I felt the spirit of a great airline as I stood with them for the group photo in front of the aircraft.”

That is what caught my eye.

Soul.  Character.  Spirit.

Your employees want to say the same thing.  No.  Your employees want to feel the same thing.  And I suspect so do you.

And they are fearful that they will never get to feel that way.

How can you give it to yourself and them?


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