The referee blew the whistle to signify that the soccer game was over.  The score was 3-3 and we had tied.  How did this happen!

I love coaching

In this game I was coaching my daughter’s nine year old soccer team.  I love to see the development of their skills, teamwork, confidence, and success on the field.  Our season has started off well – we won our first two games.  And we should have won this one.  What happened?

Now I should say that this league is not all about winning.  It’s about learning, developing, and having fun.  Nevertheless, the girls, parents, and yes the coaches can get sucked into winning.  At least I want them to do their best and learn.


So I tried to analyze what happened.  In those last 10 minutes, we didn’t play good defense, we didn’t attack the ball, we were standing around – my daughter included.  And I knew it.  But I couldn’t solve it.

A Simple Answer

Sometimes the answer is simple.  I spoke with my daughter after the game and uncovered some interesting insight.  She had had a long day at school, the game occurred at night right around her normal dinner time, and she was simply fatigued by the end of the game.  She didn’t really care about solving the problem.

She wanted to go home and rest.

Sometimes we push and push and push.  Stress in the workplace is epidemic.  And human factors like fatigue can zap our collaborative problem solving ability.  It’s up to us as the leader to be “tuned in” to our people, ask the right questions, and recognize fatigue as the culprit.

Who needs a break in your organization?

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