I’m Always Right

Last year, a friend of mine stated how he used to joke about the fact that he was “always right“, until he realized it made the people around him feel unimportant, awkward, second-class, not needed, and even unwelcomed.

There is a story about how seeing the face of God is not accomplished by getting higher, but by bending lower.  Most of us have a dose of self-righteousness in us. Remember that:

Self-righteousness kills collaborative problem-solving.

If you have all the answers, you don’t need anyone else.  Or at least you don’t need their ideas.

The cure for self-righteousness is humility: not thinking of yourself more highly than of those around you.  That doesn’t mean you need to think less of yourself.  Think of it as thinking of yourself less often.  Start by remembering your blessings and be grateful for the people that helped you.  Then block off 15 minutes today to serve someone around you.

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